Many projects involved creating "showcase" motorcycles for various private collectors/owners.
Many of the projects were 'theme' based, I'm pleased to present a few of them here;

Righteous Or Die 

Steve Caldararo owns an insanley tricked out 2014 Harley Davidson Bagger. 
Modified with custom chrome parts, custom wheels and sound system, all Steve needed
was a custom paint-job to really finish off this beautiful machine.
Steve decided he wanted to make a statement about his faith and contacted Steve Nunez in helping
create his unique concept of "Righteous Or Die." ~

Depicting Christ/God and Salvation versus the unrighteous ways of man, with
depcitions of "sinful lust" and "agony" in the turmoil of man's evil ways....
...photorealistic images of skulls, force against will and regret, all lead to
the choice of "Righteous or Die"

See the video here: Righteous Or Die

The "Busanator" Rise of the Machines!

See the video here: Busanator

Latin Legends
Superstars of Latin Music (Puerto Rico)

Supercharged Beast Busa

Fully customized Suzuki Hayabusa 99% free-hand airbrushed with Alsa Corp. Paint and Kandies.
See the video here: "Beast"

"300" Cinema Themed HayaBusa

See the video here: 300

"Sin City" Themed Custom Show Bike

See video here: Sin City

The Suzuki "HorrorBusa"

See video here: HorrorBusa

The Suzuki "TerrorBusa"

The "GodFather" Busa

See video here: GodFather

"Jeepers Creepers" Yamaha R1

See video here: Jeepers Creepers

Sony "Playstation" Scooter

The "Sopranos" Themed Cruiser

"Spiderman" Honda CBR 959

The "X-Men" Suzuki GSX-R

The "Spawn" Yamaha R1

"Underworld" Ducati SuperSport

Alien VS Predator GSX-R

Other Special Project Motorcycles