Casey Kaplan Gallery Project

Having reached great success with a previous commission of 4 automotive hoods
(temporarily exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art)
New York City's Casey Kaplan Gallery  (via Jonathan Monk) commissioned a series of 26 classic car hoods
for private collectors throughout the world to be showcased at several international gallery exhibitions.
The show was incredibly  successful having sold all 26 pieces prior to my completing them!


Some of the art was splayed across 2 pieces causing me to create diptych pieces that were sold in pairs.

JM0263_Rew-Shay Hood Project XII_2008-11.jpg

Diptych 2

The "Union 76" piece was another diptych set created exclusively for this show.


Singer george Michael

While most of the pieces were sold to private art collectors around the world, this pieced called "Standard" was sold to singer George Michael of the 80's group called "Wham."

JM0254_Rew-Shay Hood Project III_2008-2011.jpg

Jake Ewert, the Casey Kaplan gallery curator moved to the Paula Cooper Gallery in NYC and commissioned me to create this unique art piece that was sold to a private collector after gallery exhibit.

"50's Monaco GP" for private collector. Hamptons, Long Island, New York

 NY car enthusiast private commission, "Wheels of Time."

NY car enthusiast private commission, "Wheels of Time."


"Rubber Cylinders"

This first commission piece for the Casey Kaplan Gallery became a temporary exhibit piece at the Museum of Modern Art.


"Dragon Tattoos"

This piece was crated to showcase the effects of iridescent urethane paint made by the Alsa Corporation of Los Angeles, California.

The colors 'shift' and 'shimmer' when viewing angle changes.