Thank you

You've found the portfolio site of artist Steve Nunez, thank you for the visit.

I've been fortunate to have been involved with some really interesting projects over the years from private individuals to large corporations. The journey has been fantastic and still ongoing and I've created this site to share this journey with my visitors.

My passion for creating artwork comes from my desire to paint pieces that I find visually appealing. I know art is subjective but for me the art is not only in the finished project but the journey in getting to that finished piece; from the artists materials and techniques, the art form is in the methods it took me to create the piece.

My medium and technique is primarily airbrush with a focus in a primarily photo-realistic style. I'd estimate my style is 95% freehand with little masking and some hand painting when applicable.

I'd like to thank my sponsors; AlsaCorp (great urethanes) and Createx (fantastic water-based paint) as well as Iwata airbrushes for their support in my workshops.

I hope you enjoy the artwork I've created over the years and if you'd like to see videos of this art, my YouTube channel can be viewed here.

Art isn't always on canvas

While much of my artwork is on canvas and amongst my favorite of painting surfaces- much of my art is painted on automotive surfaces. Being a custom painter for many years has taught me to embrace the multitude of surfaces and contours and the challenges they bring in creating one of a kind showpiece projects. Art isn't always on canvas


Art is where you want it!

Art enthusiasts' tastes run from the classic styling of black and white to the fanciful colors of fantasy art.....this trio of fully customized computers were created for video graphics giant nVidia and featured fully custom art from the Blizzard Warcraft game series.

They were featured in various promotional advertisements and served as the Official Game Station "ShadowPlay" computers for the Nvidia Corporation.

Many artists are encouraged to "specialize" in a style, technique or subject in order to reach a high level of 'expertise.' Because of my varied tastes in subjects you will not see my art confined to a particular subject matter or style- I simply paint what I like because I find the imagery striking and want to convey that allure!

I hope you enjoy going on this 'varied' journey of the art pieces on this site......feel free to browse the other pages and drop me a note at steve@stevenunez.com